Moritani Norihisa
Principal of Kobe College Junior and Senior High School

Our Mission

  The motto of Kobe College Junior and Senior High School has been "Love God, Love your neighbor," since its foundation. The Bible teaches us that "God loves us and has created us for a reason. We should accept His love and share His love with our neighbors through our actions." At our school, we start each day with a worship service in chapel. These chapel services are the cornerstone for the students’ school life.

  People generally have in mind what they want to be or to do in the future. Those goals drive people to study certain topics and be engaged in various activities. When things are going smoothly in life, people tend to be content and do not always think of the deeper meaning of their lives. However, as people face difficulties along their way, they find it hard to motivate themselves and people lose the will to pursue their goals, feeling that they have lost their way. This may be because the person has either pursued the wrong path in life or has not thought about the purpose of life deeply enough.

  Kobe College students are often said to be flexible enough to adapt to any situation and can overcome difficulties. Our students exhibit these characteristics because their attitudes toward life are built up every morning through our chapel services. As students are repeatedly asked who they are, how they should live and what the purpose of life is, they try to find answers in their everyday school life and become strong as a result.

  At chapel the students listen to about 180 speakers a year and more than 1,000 speakers present on different topics during their six years at Kobe College Junior and Senior High School. The variety of themes broaden the students' horizons, which enables them to think critically about different problems in society. In addition, the speakers' very words can give the power and hope to the students. Thus, when the students themselves become the speakers, they can express their own ideas, gratitude and hopes. It is our pleasure to witness our students' growth through the chapel services.

  The morning chapel services provide an essential opportunity for the students to think about what God’s mission for their lives is. They realize they should make use of the knowledge and skills they have cultivated at school not only for themselves, but also for the people around them. They become aware of their role to serve others. This quality is what helps our students grow to be world-class leaders.

  It is our sincere hope that Kobe College Junior and Senior High School will continue to provide such an education with God's guidance.