Kobe College is situated in Nishinomiya City on the slopes of Okadayama, which is covered with fresh greenery. Buildings with a total area of 54,000㎡ are located on the site of approximately 141,300㎡.

The school's spacious and peaceful environment-enhanced by Kabutoyama in the background, Nishinomiya in the foreground, and Osaka Bay in the distance is a suitable location for a Christian school for young women. This lovely campus is also equipped with modern facilities. Being the oldest women's educational institution in western Japan, Kobe College has enjoyed a long and glorious tradition.

When Kobe College moved to the Okadayama campus, the buildings were designed based on the belief of Dr. Vories: "Truly beautiful and artistic buildings encourage the cultivation of aesthetic sentiments in every way." The campus with its attractive buildings, rich in greenery, does exert a very appealing atmosphere for those who study at this school.