Our comprehensive 6-year education program from junior to senior high school allows students to reflect deeply on their personal growth and achievements through various school events and student council activities. In addition, our "internal recommendation system for Kobe College" gives students the opportunity to continue their academic and spiritual growth at the college level.

Our daily program starts with a chapel service. Students ask for deeper growth through chapel services, religious events, prayer sessions, and other daily activities rooted in the biblical ideals of "Love thy God, love thy neighbor."

Utilizing techniques such as 'research,' which teaches students to discover and solve problems on their own, and an English curriculum called the Crew Method, our unique curriculum puts into practice an all-around education that does not overemphasize knowledge acquisition. Moreover, students acquire greater international awareness through exchange programs.

By planning and executing various school events on their own, students become self-reliant individuals, and by performing volunteer activities, they develop a fair, community-oriented perspective.