1.Exchange Program with MLC and Summer Language Camp in North America

The study tour to Australia, where our sister school Methodist Ladies' College (MLC) is located, is conducted during summer vacation every other year. In the year between our visits, MLC sends us a delegation of students in autumn, which provides the students of both schools opportunities to enhance their international understanding and to promote cross-cultural friendships. KC and MLC also exchange one or two students who study abroad for three to six months each year.

MLC is a reputable women's high school located in Perth. Kobe College High School and MLC reached a sister-school cooperation agreement in August 1988. Since then, we have had continuous exchange programs.

The summer study tour to North America also takes place every other year. Students take part in an English camp for international students organized by St.Croix High School in Minnesota. Students can also experience a homestay, while at the camp, supported by Kobe College Corporation Japan Education Exchange (KCC-JEE) in the U.S.A.

2. Study Abroad Programs

Every year, some students study abroad for a year on programs such as American Field Service (AFS) and Youth for Understanding (YFU). On the condition that they fulfill certain qualifications, their credits earned abroad can be transferred to KC and the students can be promoted to the next grade without repeating the year they were in before their departure. Kobe College High School has also been accepting many foreign students from various countries around the world: Australia, Korea, Thailand, Germany, and Sweden, to name a few.