Over the last 30 years Kobe College Junior and Senior High School have put into practice an English curriculum that teaches all-around communication skills. Especially in junior high school, the basics are taught with the Crew Method, an English curriculum developed from Miss Angie Crew's long years of hard work at our school. In the first year, there are six classes of English every week, three of which are team-taught by an English native speaker and a Japanese teacher. The students start out by listening to their teachers' English, copying their pronunciation and acting out their instructions. They also use phonetic symbol cards and handouts given out according to the unique syllabus. Review is constant as many language items are covered in the first three years. As a rule, Japanese is not used in any of the junior high English classrooms. This not only sharpens the students' listening skills but also helps the students get over their fear of speaking English. The students' active participation is encouraged through various activities such as songs, games, storytelling, role plays, shadowing and recitation. Having native speakers in and out of the classrooms enables the students to get to know the cultural background of the language as well as to respect other cultures. By the time they graduate from junior high school, the students should be able to communicate in everyday English using listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


The orientation camp is conducted as the introduction to life in Kobe College High School. During this overnight orientation camp, freshmen enjoy various activities such as performing short plays to make friends with leaders and classmates. This camp also provides the freshmen with an opportunity to learn the basics of high school life, including chapel services.