Hayashi Mariko
Principal of Kobe College Junior and Senior High School

Our Dream : Providing the Spiritual Lighthouse for All the Students

  Kobe College High School has a lot of charms. Students endowed with various gifts gather, try to improve by learning from others in their school life, and eventually find out their own gifts that they weren’t aware of in the past: this is the essence of life in Kobe College High School.

  Every morning, we start the day from the chapel. Not only guest speakers from outside school and teachers but also students and graduates talk to the whole school about their experiences, thoughts and findings: the passions for school events and volunteer activities, the achievements of their researches on their interest areas such as science, math, philosophy, English, debate, etc, the greater encounter with books in the school library, and their friends’ words that made their days. Sharing all those messages filled with the wisdom and suggestions on life with the speakers, the audience are encouraged to start their soul-searching.

  Events such as the Interclass Sports Competition, the Hymn Contests, the Dance Performance on the Sports Day and the School Trip help strengthen their bonds with their classmates year after year. Eventually, each of the students in the grade are acknowledged as the indispensable piece of their jigsaw puzzle. In addition, students build up powerful relationships with senior and junior students through school events such as the Sports Day and the Cultural Festival, club activities, volunteer activities and outdoor activities.

  This strong friendship with their classmates, seniors and juniors never ceases after graduation. Even after they go into the world, the question “Did you also graduate from Kobe College High School? What’s your grade color?” opens up a new and positive human network. I hear that quite a few graduates have opened up their lives thanks to these KCHS connections.

  The youth who shared the most sensitive time in their lives at Kobe College High School often come back to Okadayama after their graduation. Many of them bring their partners and children and show them around the campus ――― Kobe College is a spiritual lighthouse for all the graduates.

  Mother Teresa once referred to life as follows:
 “Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
  Life is beauty, admire it.
  Life is a dream, realize it.
  Life is a challenge, meet it.
  Life is a duty, complete it.“

  I hope Kobe College will remain the place for everyone who study here to appreciate an opportunity, beauty, a dream and a challenge.